Energize Your ROI

In the direct marketing world of today, the climate is constantly changing. As the economy continues to fluctuate, return on investment (ROI) becomes more and more important to advertisers. Instead of just being a revenue generating tool for entrepreneurial businesses, larger corporations are now taking a closer look at direct response advertising, as a way of maximizing their advertising budgets.

The keys to maximizing a campaign’s success, are to analyze, adjust and maintain a consistent level of growth by carefully balancing testing with proven success and learning from proven failures. Many direct response agencies tout their ability to offer low rates and track results, but there is much more involved in ensuring your ad dollars are being spent to their fullest potential.

At Icon Media Direct, we take a more thorough, involved approach when managing our clients’ campaigns. It is important to not only measure the direct results generated by the campaign, but also to analyze the impact of sales on the brand as a whole. By considering the effect the campaign had on all extensions of the business, such as increases in web sales through search engines or spikes in retail sales, there is a more comprehensive understanding of the true impact of the campaign.

The beauty of direct response is that changes can be made rapidly when results are monitored closely. This minimizes the risk of wasting ad dollars. Whether it’s :15 – :120 second spots, half hour infomercials, web ads or a print campaign, standard considerations in setup can determine the campaign’s success. Crucial elements to keep in mind are:

  • What are the overall goals of the campaign? Where do the campaign results need to be in order for it to be profitable for the client’s business?
  • How does the offer compare with competitive products?
  • What are all possible methods to track results? Will web sales be tracked in addition to call data, etc.?
  • Is the telemarketing script configured in a way that will maximize order revenue, but will minimize the likelihood of caller frustration?
  • What is the competition doing? Are there any consistent patterns in competitive advertising that might merit testing of certain media vehicles?

With the technology and fragmentation of today, it is easy for information to become convoluted, so it is important to keep a clear, thorough approach to advertising from the start.

What it all comes down to is how well your media buying agency maximizes your ad dollars. Are they continually adjusting your media to minimize waste while maintaining a healthy level of testing for growth? Most importantly, is there accountability to media measurement?

The use of direct response tactics is a powerful advertising method when executed properly. The key to an effective ROI truly is understanding the process, and the proper execution of all facets of the process. At Icon Media Direct we take a unique three pronged approach:

  • Research: Competitive and qualitative measures
  • Direct Response Database: Hundreds of millions of results archives from broadcast, cable, network and print
  • Nielsen Data: Audience measurements and CPM analysis

Not all media buying agencies are created equal, and it is important to understand exactly what methods will be used up front. Comprehensive monitoring and consistent communication with a client can make or break the success of a campaign.

To energize your ROI, consider adding Icon Media Direct to your marketing plans. From entrepreneurial companies to Fortune 100 corporations, we’ve made the difference for many, and we can make the difference for you.


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