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Analyze and Optimize for Success

The practice of set it and forget it has never been part of our DNA at Icon. From our inception, we focused our business on delivering accountable media campaigns. And more and more, today’s marketers need to be able to prove the return on investment of each marketing dollar spent. This is good news: Understanding how and where your marketing dollars work best leads to growth.

Analyze and Optimize for Success – Icon WebTraxx™

At Icon Media Direct, our deep-seated commitment to provide accountable media resulted in the need to provide insightful analytics to accurately optimize campaigns and increase ROI. This promise is delivered through Icon WebTraxx, our proprietary attribution measurement platform. With WebTraxx, we analyze web data at a granular level to truly understand the impacts of your campaigns – down to the level of each spot airing – on sales and conversions.

With WebTraxx, we look at both micro-attribution (what happened immediately after each spot airing) and macro-attribution (what are the long-tail impacts on other sources of activity). Looking at both micro and macro-attribution provides a clearer picture of your ROI throughout the lifecycle of a campaign and serves as the foundation for successful optimizations.

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