Passion About the ROI Advertising Model

Icon Media Direct is Dedicated to the Discipline, Especially Its Clients

(As published in the October 10, 2011 issue of Forbes)

No one has money to waste these days. Every company large or small, startup or Fortune 500, needs to get the most for its advertising dollars; which is why Direct Response advertising has never looked so good. Direct Response is the ideal choice for any company looking for the best and most immediate return-on-investment (ROI), says Nancy Lazkani, founder and CEO of Icon Media Direct.

Icon Media Direct is a Direct Response agency that specializes in campaign management media planning & buying, ROI optimization and analytics for the U.S., Canada and U.S. Hispanic marketplaces. The Los Angeles-based agency has helped fuel the tremendous growth if such household names as OxiClean, Proactiv, Space Bag and more.

The Passion is Evident

What sets us apart is our passion,” says Lazkani, who started Icon Media Direct in 2000. “The reason for our existence is to grow our clients’ businesses. Everyone throughout the company, from CEO to receptionist, shares our contagious passion for success. We invest in a common vision to be innovative and creative, as we construct the most strategic and comprehensive media plans possible for our clients.”

The company’s passion is distinctly evident when paying a visit to their corporate headquarters in Sherman Oaks, CA; where Nancy leads a team if approximately 100 top-tier media professionals. The uniquely vibrant atmosphere is something that hits visitors immediately upon walking through the door. Whether it’s clients coming in to brainstorm, potential candidates vying to join the team, or industry partners presenting the latest in innovation; the incredible culture and ambiance are something visitors comment on, time and time again. Warmth, passion, and dedication shine through every employee while walking through the halls of their offices. This essence radiates what makes Icon Media Direct so successful. This collective purpose droves the company to thrive as an agency, particularly in today’s economy.

Touted as one of the Top 10 BEST Places to work by the San Fernando Valley Business Journal year after year, Icon Media Direct proudly retains employees and clients who have been with the agency for over a decade. “When you create a passionate environment, it has to come from the top,” Lazkani says. “Our assets at Icon Media Direct are our people— that is really what drives the business. If my employees didn’t have that passion behind what we do, that passion would not flow through to our clients.. It’s a natural evolution for us, and when you have it, clients see it. It shows through in the work and everyone wins. There’s no better formula.”

Passionate About Clients’ Success

The firm’s passionate ethos also results in tremendous value for advertising clients. Because DR advertising elicits a direct response from the consumer to the advertiser, it allows for negotiation of significant media discounts. But unlike most Direct Response agencies, Icon Media Direct combines savings and response with proven general advertising tactics.

“This is our unique ‘hybrid’ approach,” Nancy explains. “We take a comprehensive look at things like competitive spending and messaging, product market share, retail considerations and consumer research to construct a Direct Response campaign geared toward reaching the client’s sales goals. We then utilize the consumer response from the advertisement to maximize return-on-investment.”

Icon Media Direct’s clients range from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. The firm’s extensive background and industry relationships provide the depth necessary to research, negotiate and purchase media that delivers for all its clients, which include Church & Dwight, Guthy-Renker, TeleBrands and Nutrisystem, just to name a few.

Considering all the choices available for marketers, it’s clear that Icon Media Direct is doing something right. It has a track record of retaining clients and growing their businesses year over year.

“We believe your campaign should be as unique as your product and should demonstrate why your product stands out from its competitive set,” says Lazkani. “It is imperative to work with a media agency that can act swiftly and aggressively to capitalize on today’s consumer market. It’s not just what we do— it’s how we do it. We bring exceptional knowledge. Responsiveness, commitment and,  of course, passion to every campaign.”


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